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Wow. October already! That was fast.

I had a good day, all things considered. A bit of a sleep in, with a trip to my doctor's office in the early afternoon (time for the annual checkup; I seem to be in good shape for the shape I'm in), then some grocery shopping and a visit with my friend Jill. That took up most of the afternoon.

This evening I made two pies, one savory, one sweet. A leek and potato pie, and a squash pie with the filling made from scratch using one of the squashes I grew. It's delicious, much like pumpkin pie, although the custard could be a titch more custardy. Hopefully it will set a bit more in the fridge. Otherwise I'm going to have to eat it with a spoon.. but it's tasty. Something more I can do with all the squash I have! Just now I blanched and froze a bunch of beans I picked from my garden yesterday. Susy Homemaker, that's me, LOL.

Finally managed to see this week's Doctor Who episode, which I quite liked. I'm finding Capaldi's Doctor intriguing, and I love Clara this season. Mark me well pleased.

I'm in the middle of a Farscape rewatch. I started awhile ago, and I'm halfway through season one. I do love this show so much!

Tomorrow the farrier is coming to trim the horses' feet, so I have to be out there early. It's going to be a busy day.

October is off to a good start.

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