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Sadly, I did not have pie. But hey, the day was good even without pie..'cause there was Pi. It will be another hundred years before these particular sets of numbers line up again, so celebrate the moment, eh? :) This comes from someone to whom mathematics will always be a mystery. One of the things I never excelled at in school, I blame my lack of math skills on the fact that I skipped grade two, and thus a big step in the math department. That's what one of my teachers told me years ago, and it sounds like a good enough excuse to me. LOL.

It's been beautiful here; spring has arrived in full bloom. The roads are starting to look like they've been snowed on, but it's only the cherry blossoms that have been blown off the trees by the wind today. My favourite trees are the magnolias, which are really coming on now. My thoughts are turning to my garden, and what to plant. I have to redo the fence, which has not made it through the winter unscathed. Jack offered today to put in some better fence posts for me, now that I've finalized the garden area. I'm going to take him up on that, because the metal stakes I used are not really good enough. I started turning over the soil, and I need to add some more of the old composted manure....luckily, we have a never ending supply of the stuff!

I've been busy at work, too. It was a crazy day yesterday, but good. I have to say I really enjoy working in the Cardiac Care Unit; it's different from the ICU in that there's a lot more coming and going of patients; they have a heart attack, come in for diagnosis and treatment, get their blocked arteries fixed, and go home, usually within 3 days. It's nice to have patients who actually get better and go home (not that that doesn't happen in ICU, but it's a much slower process for most of those patients). I'm also enjoying being able to talk with my patients, and having that interaction. It's not always a happy ending, we do get very sick people, but for the most part it's a lot less depressing than the ICU. It's also a lot easier physically; unlike the really sick ICU patients, the ones in CCU are usually mobile, and able to get up to the bathroom etc. I run around a lot, but I don't have to do so much heavy lifting. That's nice, especially since the tendinitis in my right shoulder seems to be flaring up again.

I finally took my car through the car wash this week; it was getting so dirty I was embarrassed to be seen in it! Sadly, just one or two trips out to the farm and it's getting dirty again. :(

Someone on Facebook posted a link to a review of one of my favourite movies, Ladyhawke. I loved that movie when I saw it years ago, and I've looked for a DVD, but never came across one. Tonight I found one on Amazon, so I ordered it. I was going to just stream it from them, but then I noticed that it only works in the USA. Darn. Anyway, I will have the DVD to watch whenever I want now...when I have time, that is. It's my happy spring present to myself.

Got to quit typing now. My shoulder hurts. Must go put more Voltarin cream on it.
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