Nov. 10th, 2014

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Updatey kind of stuff:

Finally managed to watch the Doctor Who finale, part 2. That was quite a ride, and I enjoyed it a lot. Shed some tears along the way, and now I can't wait to see what the Christmas special has in store for The Doctor and Clara.

I worked nights this past Friday and Saturday, and I think the full moon had some influence on events. Friday night I almost got punched by one of my patients, who lost his cool rather dramatically because he'd knocked his phone off the hook and the voice kept telling him to hang up now. Have to tell you I was a bit scared, because he was really aggressive. Luckily we managed to calm him down before we had to call security. Over the years I've been sworn at, scratched, pinched, grabbed, but never punched by any of my patients. Not something I want to experience now.
A few hours later we found my other patient standing in the middle of what looked like the Texas chainsaw massacre. His monitor alarms went off when he climbed over the side rails of his bed in his muddled state of mind. I'd given him a half a sleeping pill, which I guess wasn't the best thing for a 78 year old gentleman. He was standing in a pool of blood, and there was blood spattered over the bed rails, the floor, him..he'd pulled out his arterial line and was literally spraying blood everywhere. I grabbed his wrist to apply pressure, while the other nurses helped him back to bed. When he finally kind of came to his senses, he was totally mortified by his actions. He said that he had no idea why he climbed out of bed, and kept apologizing. Happens a lot, we reassured him. When I left the room I looked at my arms and realized I had blood spatters on them too. Felt like I'd just walked out of a bad horror movie. Made the shift interesting. Darned full moon!

Had to go out to the farm this morning to help with the stalls. Left here in good time..good time to get stuck on the freeway in a humungous traffic jam. Must have been a bad accident, because there were ambulances and police cars and tow trucks going by, but by the time I got past the site there was just one car in the ditch, and they were sweeping the glass off the road. Just a reminder that the roads are going to be getting slippery now that the temperature is going down.

We've put the winter blankets on all the horses now. I put Rochelle's on today, but Midnight was being an ass and wouldn't let me catch him; he actually turned his butt to me and tried to kick me! Ungrateful creature, I only want to make sure he's got a warm coat on. We left him for today, since he was in a mood. We'll get it tomorrow.

I have made headway on the book culling exercise. So far I've carried about 20 boxes of books to the book donation bin, and I have six more stacked in the living room to go. Still have 2 bookcases left to sort. It feels good to let go of stuff and I plan to do a lot more decluttering as I get ready to move. Not long now. Trouble with living in one place for 20 years, I've accumulated a whole lot of crap.



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