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That Canada-Latvia hockey game today? OMG. I'm not that much of a hockey fan but even I was holding my breath. We were busy doing rounds in ICU this morning during the game, and I swear not one person could stop themselves from watching. It was a game that shouldn't have been close, on paper, but it shows what a difference one person can make. The Latvian goalie was incredible. Poor guy must have felt like he was in a shooting gallery, but he hung on and made all those superstar hockey players work like crazy. Good thing Canada won, because I don't think Canadians could have held their breath for a second longer! Better sharpen up your game, boys. It doesn't get any easier from here on.
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I hope the lights are staying on for everyone, with all the nasty weather that's happening everywhere it seems. Nasty day here in Vancouver too, but I'm snug and warm inside. I don't mind listening to the wind and rain as long as I'm not standing out in it! Still couch potato-ing it watching the Olympics, when I'm not otherwise occupied by things like sleeping and working.

I did a shift today in the Cardiac Short Stay Unit, where outpatients are admitted and recovered after coronary angiograms. The patients come in, get prepped for the angiogram (groins shaved, IV started, many paper forms filled out, some teaching done), go into the Cath Lab and get their procedure done, then come back to be monitored until we pull out the femoral artery catheters. It takes about 4 hours in total, and when the patient is stable they go home. If complications arise, they go to the CCU or the ward for further monitoring. It's kind of an assembly line, one out, one in, pull the sheaths, take vital signs, etc. etc. I had a good day, but it was tiring. It wasn't as busy as it is on a weekday, and I didn't sit down all day, except for my lunch break. My feet were sore by the end of the day. Still, it was good to go somewhere new, and take on the challenge of working in a place slightly out of my comfort zone.

Not much else to report. Back to the couch!

Game On!

Feb. 8th, 2014 07:45 pm
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The Olympic marathon has begun. I'm not a big sports kind of person, but there's something about the Olympics that just pulls me in. I think that having the experience of the Olympics here in Vancouver 4 years ago is certainly something I'll remember; walking through downtown Vancouver amidst the huge throngs of excited people was just so amazing.

I didn't get to watch all of the opening ceremony because I was working; I was going to watch in the morning before I went to bed, but it took forever to start and I was too sleepy. I watched the Slopestyle snowboard competition last night (we have TVs mounted on the walls in the patient rooms, so we had one turned on so we could see it from outside the rooms, with the sound muted) so while my patient slept, I watched Mark McMorris fight through all those rounds and win Canada's first medal of the games. Very exciting! And now we have medals of all colours on the first day. Go Canada!

It's been pretty cold here this week. No snow, but very chilly winds. As I was driving home from work this morning, the sun was shining on the water of English Bay, and in the distance the snow on the mountains was brilliantly white. It was so beautiful. Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop and really see the wonder of nature and this beautiful area.

Back to TV watching. I'm going for gold in couch potato, LOL!
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I'm suffering a bit from Olympic overload. I've been watching it all pretty much all the time I'm near a TV, and there's only so much I can take before I need to step away........so I just watched a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Kind of a palate freshener. I watched the medal round of Show Jumping beforehand, and it was pretty awesome. I'm sad that Canada didn't win, and that Tiffany Foster's horse was disqualified for a really stupid reason. The horse had a little cut on his foot, and the Vet used thermal imaging to see if there was heat, and apparently there was, so he DQ'd the horse..even though the horse was sound and everything. Poor Tiffany was just devastated to have her first Olympics ruined by one person's opinion. The whole Canadian team protested, but there's no protest allowed, it seems.
Still, with all that, the rest of the team were great. Of course Ian Millar and Eric Lamaze were on form, and despite the fact that not one of the horses were on the Silver medal team from Bejing, and are very young and pretty inexperienced horses, they managed a fifth place finish. Great Britain was simply awesome. Good for them!

Hurray for my trusty VCR. All the equestrian events are being televised in the middle of the night here, so I've set it up to record while I'm sleeping.

Other non Olympic stuff:

The things you see when you don't have a camera:
Last night, while waiting for a red light to turn: A young man wearing ping angel wings, no shirt, and a skin tight pair of leather pants, cut out to expose his very naked butt. (It was the day of the Gay Pride Parade, so there is some expectation of outrageousness, but still, rather unexpected. LOL)

I got chatted up by a couple of cute young guys while I was waiting to cross the street in front of the hospital. They were obviously rather drunk, and quite gay, but still very amusing. Made me laugh, and that was nice.

The city seemed to be in a party mood last evening.

It was stinking hot yesterday, and my apartment was about 90F when I got home. Thankfully, today is much cooler. It even rained. I was standing on top of the manure pile, thinking that raking the pile was a lot easier in the rain than in the baking sun. The horses are so much happier too.

I have to work tomorrow, so it's time to figure out what the heck to make for lunch and dinner. I've slept in the last two days I've worked, and had to drive, so I must make an effort to get up in time tomorrow. I want to use those senior discounted bus passes! Bought a pack the other day, and figured that being a senior citizen has some benefits. :P

Back to the Olympics.
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I went with Sue and Jack to watch Goldie jump (she's at the trainer's stable) yesterday. It was a lovely day, and Goldie looked terrific. I haven't seen her go since the last horse show, and I swear she's grown about 2 inches taller since last month. She doesn't look like a baby anymore; she's matured into a beautiful, fit young horse. She loves to jump, and really looked like she was having fun, especially at the end, when M. took her out into the field and galloped her around, over the berm, down the ditch and behind the shelter..it was such fun to watch her. We were all dreaming Olympic dreams for her. She has the breeding and the talent..now all she needs is a whole lot of training, a bunch of money, and luck. Who knows? Maybe one day she'll follow her father Gold Wing and go to the Olympics. We can certainly dream!

I'm watching the show jumping portion of the Three Day Eventing right now. I'm cheering for Great Britain, since Canada has no chance of getting a medal. Our team had the worst luck yesterday, with 3 of the 4 riders falling off their horses on the cross country. Luckily no horses were seriously hurt, and the rider who ended up in hospital is doing okay. Eventing is a dangerous sport, and I take my hat off to anyone who has the guts to do it. Not my cup of tea, for sure. I'm eager for the Dressage and the Show Jumping to start.

So far I've been glued to my TV whenever I'm home, watching all manner of sports that I'd never take a second look at ordinarily..it's the Olympic hypnotism effect. Lots of swimming, and diving, which I really like, and even things like wrestling and weight lifting and other things, which I have no clue about. The team gymnastics (both men and women) were fantastic. Lots of drama in the men's event, and the Canadian women were amazing. They made it to the team finals for the very first time since the LA Olympics, and finished in fifth. One of the team members got a tweet from Justin Beiber(which seems to be a big deal, but then, these are just teenagers..) He tweeted Stand up, Canada!, and those girls certainly did. Seems like that's going to be the new motto: Stand Up, Canada!

Day three, and we now have 4 medals. Much better than the last Olympics, when nothing happened until the second week. Now we can stop wringing our hands and moaning about athletes choking, eh?

I'm going for the gold in couch potato. LOL
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Wow, the opening ceremony of the London Olympics was..interesting. I kind of nodded off for a minute at the start (long day, no sleep) and woke up to see a giant tree(?)rising from the ground, and sheep..live sheep. Oookay. It actually turned out to be more fun, and I really quite enjoyed the whole thing. I loved the humour of the Queen and "James Bond" parachuting into the stadium..and the Queen herself was overheard telling the Mayor of London that she didn't "get to see her bit" and wondered if people enjoyed it. We did, Your Majesty. Loved the shot of the corgis standing on the steps looking up at the helicopter. I really loved the doves on the bicycles, really beautiful. Some of it was pretty surreal..Voldemort and Mary Poppins, and children on hospital beds, and some WTF bits, but on the whole, nicely done. The whole thing was pretty obviously aimed at the home crowd, fair enough, I thought. My good friend Sue is British, and she thought the whole thing was a triumph.

The TV is on, and I'm watching men's artistic gymnastics. I was up early this morning and watched a lot of the bike road race; I was more interested in the scenery, but it was an exciting finish. It's day one, and there's a lot more to come. Going to have to pace myself.

There are fireworks tonight here. It's the annual fireworks competition, and tonight it's Vietnam. I don't think I'll watch, because it would mean I'd have to get myself down to the park and find a seat with a decent view of English Bay. Just a bit too much effort for me tonight.

Instead, I'm going to bake peanut butter cookies.


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