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For another three weeks, it's still officially summertime. I'm noticing a bit of a change in the air, the leaves are starting to turn colour, but it's still summer. It was quite glorious today, just the right temperature, sunshine but not too hot and humid, and all was good in our little corner of the world.

Midnight and Kyra had a great time in the field last night. Kelly brought them in this morning (we use the field as an outdoor riding ring for Dusty..she loves going out there for a good trot and canter about after working in the arena) and Midnight promptly flaked out in his stall and slept the day away. At one point he had his head in his hay and was snoring very loudly. Hee. Kyra went into her paddock for the day. Rochelle was out in Midnight's paddock today; we still have her paddock to fix up, so she goes in the arena most days. I'm going to put her out in the field with Kyra in the next week or so.
Midnight and Kyra went back into the field around 4 p.m., after our boarder Kim had a ride on her horse in the field.

We had visitors this afternoon..a herd of cows from the farm next door were walking and munching along the fence line by the paddocks and field. Of course the first thing Midnight had to do was go over to check them out. The cows were black except for two brown babies. The brown calf is very, very curious; he's come through the fence on a couple of occasions into the paddock, so we had to call our neighbour to fix the fence. I'd hate to have one of the cows come through the fence when there are horses in the paddocks. That's just an accident waiting to happen. I'm sure Florrie would leap right out of her paddock.

We want to put a track around the outside of the field so we can have a good galloping track, and a place just to trot the horses around outside of the arena. It's so good for them to get outside and work where there are no walls. It's good for the riders, too. You can get too reliant on the security of being in the arena, so being in a big open field is a good challenge to both rider and horse. It's a great training tool for the young horses, keeps them from getting bored.

As always, summer flies by and there are still all sorts of jobs and plans left undone. It's just the way it is.

Time for the Amazing Race Canada. They're in Nova Scotia this time.


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