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The unfolding drama in the Senate is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Senator Mike Duffy basically threw the Prime Minister and his closest aides under the bus in his statement before the Senate today. it wasn't my fault, Harper made me do it"

OMFG. We should just abolish the Senate and get rid of these people, or at the very least make it an elected body.

Mr. Harper, your Teflon coat just fell off.

My father, a staunch supporter of the Conservative party, must be spinning in his grave.
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I'm really relieved to say that Midnight's increased lameness seems to be mostly a result of overdue trimming and shoeing. Basically his feet grew so long over the last 7 weeks it was like having shoes that were too small pinching his toes; kind of like how I feel when I wear tight pointy toed shoes that pinch my bunions. Nick the farrier came today, took off the old shoes, did a substantial trim and reshod Midnight with a wider shoe that will give him more support. It was like night and day, the difference before and after. He walked out quite jauntily after his pedicure, almost totally sound (well, as sound as he ever gets); Nick thought the horse looked better than he'd ever seen him. I am very encouraged by this, for sure. I was very worried, because some of his symptoms could have been signs of laminitis, which is seriously bad. I love Nick, he is just a great farrier, and a really nice guy. He had me take off Midnight's blanket so he could look at his weight, asked about what I feed him, looked at our hay, all things that are important to know when treating lameness like this. Midnight is actually quite fat, because he's an easy keeper and not working..he's also a bit greedy. So after discussing it with Nick, Midnight is going on a diet. No more grain, and we're cutting his hay ration down by a flake at night. Our hay is very high quality local hay, so he doesn't need quite as much.
After he got his new shoes, he was able to go outside into his paddock, where he promptly rolled in the muddiest spot he could find! He was a happy pony.
Kyra got her feet trimmed and new shoes on as well. Her big crack on the left front foot is healing nicely, and the treatment for the seedy toe is working. She's not got the hardest feet, more the soft thoroughbred feet
so I have to be quite diligent with keeping her feet cleaned.
There's always something to be done, when you have horses.

In a horse race of another sort, the big political debate was on tonight with the leaders of all the political parties (except for the Green Party leader)running in the federal election. Being the upstanding citizen I am, I watched a little of it, and more of the analysis afterwards, but I admit I wasn't overly engaged. I have already decided which party best reflects my views and has the best chance of winning in my riding.

Instead, I watched Dancing With the Stars. I know, civic duty and all that, but there was only so much hot air I could take. And I certainly will be voting; I've voted in every election since I became eligible to do so. Sadly, the number of Canadians who take the time to vote seems to be dropping, especially among the younger people. I'm a firm believer in making the effort to have my voice heard by voting; if I don't vote, then I have no right to complain when the government does things I don't like, right? Right.

Stepping down from my soapbox now.


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